Osteopathy - Recommended for sciatica, disc injuries, migraines, stiffness, arthritis, sinusitis and whiplash injuries.

Osteopathy combines a thorough scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology with clinical methods of investigation. The osteopath assesses the patient's movements, joint mobility and muscle tensions and identifies any problem areas, while also taking into account lifestyle and work factors.

We offer both cranial and structural osteopathy. Cranial osteopathy corrects tissue mobility around the skull joints and through the body and is so gentle that the severest of conditions can be treated painlessly. Besides helping to treat the conditions listed above, this form of osteopathy can prove beneficial during the later stages of pregnancy and aid recovery after childbirth.

Structural osteopaths can diagnose accurately without the use of X-rays. By massaging and manipulating, the malfunctioning joint will be eased back into alignment and full working order. Many work-related conditions can be treated and remedial advice given and preventative exercise recommended.


Ashdown Clinic is offering emergency Osteopathy clinics on a Sunday.

The emergency clinic is open to our patients, new patients and to patients of other Osteopaths; unable to reach their own therapist. In this event, a copy of the patient’s treatment notes will be provided to the original Osteopath and the patient encouraged to return for subsequent treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: Reception closes at 1pm on a Saturday. Should you need to book yourself or a patient in for the emergency Osteopathy clinic, after hours on a Saturday.

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