Nutritional and Dietary Advice

Nutritional and Dietary Advice

We can advise on all aspects of diet - to ensure, for example, a complete source of nutrients in the active vegetarian child, or to guide patients on which food types to increase or decrease in the light of their medical condition.

A diet containing a full range of vitamins and minerals is essential for healing and can help prevent conditions
from developing among elderly patients. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals can help patients avoid certain conditions such as menopausal symptoms, as well as helping conception and maintaining a pregnancy.
Arthritis sufferers also find great relief.

We also undertake blood tests to determine allergies, cholesterol levels, and the presence of candida or leaky gut.
Our western diet does not contain sufficient levels of many of the required nutrients to cope with our lifestyles.

We often find that overweight people are actually not eating enough because they are consuming insufficient levels of carbohydrate. Mood swings, irritability and PMS can sometimes be traced to the glycemic index of foods.
We stock a range of supplements, mainly from Lamberts. We can also supply Solgar or Nutri, which are particularly useful for vegans, vegetarians and those preferring liquid supplements rather than tablets or capsules.

It is important to take supplements that are appropriate to your own dietary needs and in the right dosage. We sometimes find that people are taking inappropriate supplementation or are doubling up unnecessarily.
Completing our online questionnaire will help you identify your nutritional requirements and appreciate your general health needs better.

We can also help with allergies and food intolerances, by using testing methods to identify them.

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