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Caroline Sheehan SRN, MAR


I have enjoyed a professional relationship with the Ashdown Clinic for the past five years delivering Reflexology treatments to a diverse number of clients who have become interested in the benefits of this holistic treatment.

I am the mother of two very grown up children who are living happy, independent lives, allowing my husband and I to indulge in the excitement of foreign travel; the delights of the British countryside; attending performances by our musical heroes and appreciating the company of friends.

I have discovered the fulfilment of volunteering by providing Reflexology treatments at Isabel Hospice to patients, their career’s, volunteers and staff.  My enjoyment and happiness of life has been greatly enhanced by my own personal development through the arts, the practice of mindfulness, increasing my knowledge of life, keeping myself fit, the pursuit of a healthy and tranquil lifestyle and the continuing care of my immediate and extended family.

I am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR) and have been practicing Reflexology since qualifying in 2009 with the qualification of Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology.

As a State Registered Nurse (SRN) of some years I have become increasingly aware that treating the sick and injured as a whole person rather than a condition or set of symptoms can have considerable effect on their recovery, management and wellbeing.

My introduction to Reflexology was a confirmation of the power of holistic care and my subsequent Reflexology training endorsed the basic caring principles from my nursing training. I find that my Reflexology practice is in turn enriched by my nursing knowledge of human physiology, common ailments, ill health, injuries and their conventional treatments. As I have developed my Reflexology treatments I aim to focus on the effects of stress on an individual body, endeavouring to support the whole body of a person and thus assisting in promoting their own wellbeing.

As holistic practitioners, reflexologists aim to support the whole person and I feel that this is true whether a client is looking for support during:

▪periods of illness

▪recovery from injury

▪stressful periods in their lives

▪sustaining a healthy body and mind

I am interested in assisting people who feel they need support with:


✓▪Release of tension caused by illness or injury

✓▪Personal wellbeing

✓▪Sleeping issues

✓▪Fertility issues

✓▪Mood improvement

My Reflexology treatments acknowledge that every person is a unique individual and it is thus not possible to know in advance how each person will react to a treatment. However,my goal is to provide each client with a supportive and sensitively beneficial relationship that enables them to act in addressing their own healthcare needs.