Podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb disorders, many of which may be caused by general health issues.

Podiatrists are health care professionals who have been trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

At The Ashdown Clinic all our podiatrists are HCPC registered which means we are trained in comprehensive assessment and diagnostic skills and can help to develop patient care pathways for conditions which impact on people's quality of life such as diabetes, arthritis, gout and psoriasis. We are active in our post graduate training and continue professional development.

We are regarded as being highly dextrous with our scalpel techniques which enable us to provide efficient and generally painless relief of conditions such as hard skin and corns. We are all qualified in the use of local anaesthesia and in minor surgical techniques for recalcitrant ingrowing toenails and  specialised verrucae treatments although this is not normally the first treatment option.

Podiatrists frequently work with children and adults with gait abnormalities and provide gait analysis and treatment for with biomechanical problems.

Injuries, whether sports related or any other cause, is another area that podiatrists excel, combining low power laser to speed up healing and improve the quality of the repair, taping for realignment and rest with specific rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

For those patients unable to come to the clinic for health issues, we can provide home visits.


  • Routine maintenance of foot health including corns and calluses, nail cutting
  • Structural changes within the foot i.e. bunions, hammer toes
  • Undiagnosed foot pain i.e. Mortons neuroma, plantar fasciitis
  • Sports related lower limb injuries which can also affect the knee, hip and lower back
  • Gait analysis and Orthoses prescription
  • Diabetic foot screening
  • Wound Care
  • Verruca treatments (acids, laser, cryotherapy, needling, Swift microwave)
  • Skin infections
  • Nail pathology, including Nail RECONSTRUCTION for damaged nails and Nail surgery under local anaesthesia
  • Paediatric foot assessments


IMG_9875_Beverley Ashdown_Head _Podiatrist_resized

Beverley Ashdown

Lead Podiatrist

Founder of Ashdown Clinic Ltd


MSc (dist) Skin Integrity

HCPC registered

Podiatrist M.Pod.A

Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Sports taping (SCP accreditation)

Low Power Laser (SCP accreditation)

Local Anaesthetics and Prescription only medicine (SCP accreditation)


Treating Complex, non responding or undiagnosed foot conditions, including stubborn verrucae

Walking issues all ages, whether genetic ,paediatric,  relating to pain or unsteadiness in the Elderly

Gait rehabilitation

Seeing anyone of any age with special needs or communication difficulty

Ratna Raichura MSc, BSc (Pod), M.ch.S (CH 13322) resized.2

Ratna Raichura 



2008 -2009 University of Brighton,

MSc Module in Foot & Lower Limb Extremity Musculoskeletal Pathology & Clinical Biomechanics.

1997-2000  Brunel University

MSc in Sports Science

1993-1996 University of Southampton

BSc (Hons) Degree in Podiatry

HCPC registered

Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists/ TheCollege of Podiatry

Low Power Laser (SCP accreditation)

Local Anaesthetics (SCP accreditation)


Ratna is a highly ambitious and motivated podiatrist with over 20 years NHS experience working within both community and hospital settings and within the private practice. She has experience in providing diagnosis of foot pathology and patient centred treatment, specialising in lower limb musculoskeletal pathologies.

Ratna specialised as Biomechanics podiatrist with a keen interest in lower limb sports injuries where the gait is analysed as well as providing patients with appropriate stretching & strengthening exercises and bespoke orthoses. She also carries out routine chiropody work such as corns, callus nail pathology, verrucas, diabetic screening and wound care.

Ratna currently works in the NHS within St Mary's hospital, Paddington as a Biomechanics specialist podiatrist.

She also provides an annual lecture to final year students at Univeristy of East London on the role of the podiatrist in the Falls prevention clinic as well as lecturing on Forefoot conditions in London. She has acted a specialist footwear consultant to the staff at the Oberoi Trident Hotels & Resorts, India.

Jacqueline Edelman MSc (distinction), DPodM, MChS, SRCh, HCPC registered resized new.1

Jacqueline Edelman




MSc (distinction)




HCPC registered

Previously, Jacqueline worked within the NHS, specialising in treating conditions related to diabetes at UCH, the Royal Free, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Whittington, St Pancras and Friern Hospitals.

Since qualifying from Chelsea School of Chiropody, she recently gained a Masters degree with Distinction in “Skin Integrity Skills and Treatment” from University of Hertfordshire. She is passionate about continuing her education to ensure she can provide the best possible treatment for her patients.

Jacqueline is qualified to provide treatment under local anaesthesia and to prescribe medicines. She has a special interest in biomechanics, a method of correcting walking abnormalities.




Thank you for looking after my feet yesterday. 
My feet (and whole body) felt so different when I left. The tape and orthotics made a big difference as if I had my old feet from 30 years ago! I can feet weight on my big toe and I seem to have better contact with the ground. I know I will have to work to make it more permanent, but I am motivated to do it now.
It is obvious that you enjoy your work. The way you taped my foot reminded me of an experienced artist making a sculpture!
Carol - Podiatry patient
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