Sara Powell

Sara Powell




Sara Powell MA Reg MBACP(Accred) OCST

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Accredited (MBACP Accredited)
Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Graduate Degree

Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice MA degree (Bath Spa University 2012)


Online Counselling Supervision Diploma (OCST 2014) Counselling Psychodynamic (Manor House Centre - London 2006)


Counselling centres on listening to the client, and assisting them to determine which matter concerning childhood and/or adult life they discuss. The aim of counselling is to enable the individual to speak about a problem and find a solution that is appropriate for them.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy focuses on the unconscious causes of the issues the individual experiences. It facilitates them in being aware of aspects of their internal dynamics. Psychodynamic therapy enhances the client's self-comprehension to give them options.


Psychotherapy focuses on the client, and them gaining insight into the problems presented in the sessions. It considers their ideas, emotions and significant moments in the client's history. Psychotherapy strives for change or to find suitable methods of managing.

Counselling Supervisor/Group facilitator

The Counselling supervisor enables the professional to reduce dangerous oversights about their clients and helps them to reflect upon their thoughts, feelings, emotions and general approach with their own clients.


Anxiety Attachment Bereavement Bipolar
Borderline disorder Depression Narcissistic

Relationship problems Self Esteem

Sexual problems Stress

JULI FIELD ashdown clinic

Juli Field


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” Carl Jung

Whether it be at home, work, or in your personal life you may desire to make change and are unsure of where to begin. You may feel blocked, stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, in a dark place (or all the aforementioned) Acknowledging something doesn’t feel “right” and making the choice to seek professional help takes courage, so I want to congratulate you in taking this first step towards healing and self-knowledge.

About me and my therapeutic approach

I’m a psychodynamic counsellor/psychotherapist with more than 16- years of experience. I have extensive experience working with adults and with young people. I work with adults and I work adolescents both in private practice and in the school setting. My work adheres to and abides by the ethical standards and framework of BACP code of practice.

I provide a confidential, compassionate and safe space free from judgement where we can explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I facilitate your self-exploration in a way that enables you to acknowledge the power that lies within you including your own individual strengths and ability to self -heal.

We’ll work together to understand your current way of being, explore how past experiences stored in your unconscious may become manifest and felt in the present and conscious part of yourself and how these potentially influence, affect and impact your current life. We’ll work through your personal challenges, explore options, develop strategies to increase your self-awareness and promote personal growth- all with a view to developing a deeper sense of who you are/ the self. Because when you know who you are you’re better placed to make conscious decisions that support your values and honour your beliefs as you navigate your life’s journey.

A critical part of my work is the relationship between client and therapist. This relationship is called the “therapeutic working alliance” This is a unique relationship built on trust and different from any other.

For the therapeutic work together to be the most effective I acknowledge your individual needs and adapt my therapeutic approach accordingly. This may mean the sessions would benefit from being twice weekly (longer term psychodynamic work), or weekly for short- term solution focused work with an agreed number of sessions.

My work with Adults

I have worked with adults for a number of years, both on a long term and short term basis. Many of my adult clients seek therapeutic support to help them navigate life changes, including career transitions, empty nest syndrome, divorce, the so –called “midlife crisis” and other significant life events which can leave the individual feeling an effect on their life. Finding the right therapeutic support at whatever stage in life can be both challenging and rewarding. I encourage you to work with me to find solutions that are both impactful and sustainable. I offer both individual and couples therapy.

Adolescent specialism & experience

I specialise in adolescent therapy. Many of the young people with whom I work are survivors of abuse and /or have experienced severe trauma. My work involves family support groups and individual counselling for parents. I’ve managed a therapy service in the primary and secondary school settings, and have worked closely with social care on family assessments for children placed on the CPR (child protection register).

My work in schools has been diverse and extensive. I offer therapeutic counselling support both within the school setting as well as in school referral units, where the student is excluded from mainstream school for emotional and behavioural problems. My focus is to support the school in re-integration of the student by providing short term solution focused counselling.

I have facilitated group therapy for young people in crisis. I also provide supervision counselling for teaching staff as a group and on an individual basis.

In addition to my private practice and work in schools, I’ve worked for many years as an Assessor for intake counselling within a charitable organisation linked to a training organisation.

Training & credentials

I’m a fully qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist and a registered accredited member of BACP, UKCP, CYP. I work long term psychodynamic, short term solution focussed and with CBT.

Qualifications include:

  • WPF Diploma in Psychodynamic counselling
  • WPF Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling
  • BACP accredited
  • UKRC independent counsellor
  • CYP (counselling young people)
  • Member of FPC foundation for counselling and Psychotherapy

    I’m committed to on-going continued professional development (CPD) and attend seminars and training workshops to continually learn and evolve the effectiveness of my therapeutic practice.

    Some of the difficulties and presenting issues I work with include:
    Anxiety, anorexia, anger, abuse, addiction, bereavement, bullying, bulimia, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, obsessive compulsive disorder ,(OCD) paranoia, panic attacks, phobias, post- traumatic stress, personality disorders, psychosis, relationship issues, schizophrenia, self-harm, stress, suicidal thoughts, trauma.