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Dr Seema Datta

Aruvedic consultant

Dr Seema is an Ayurvedic doctor, international speaker and interpreneur  specialising in women’s health. She gained her bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Nagpur University in 1995.

In the last 20 years, she has supported women in all sorts of life situations, whether be it during menarche - transition from a girl to woman , pregnancy and birth - transition from woman to motherhood  or menopause.

Dr Seema's clinic, Keyajee, extends support to all women, especially working women, to balance health while going through a stressful work environment. Through consultations, she will help you to understand your body and how to keep it in a maximum state of health with certain diet plans and suitable Ayurvedic massages and treatments.

Dr Seema offers the following treatments-

Detox plan - The 7 day treatment consists of diet plan, massages and Basti treatments.

Preconception treatments - Starts at least 3 months before conception. It includes diet plan and treatment protocol to prepare your mind-body to welcome new soul in the womb and nurture through to birth naturally in the world.

Pregnancy -  Dr Seema helps to maintain your energy throughout the pregnancy so you can enjoy your special time. Support throughout pregnancy with diet plan, specific massages, padabhyanga (Ayurvedic foot massage) , meditation & yogic breathing.

Birth Doula - Dr Seema has experience of attending births in hospitals in India for 3 years, she can be the birthing partner you want.

Postnatal Care - Consists of a combination of diet plan, massages with warm oil, hot fomentation with herbal Pottalis, Kati Basti, Shirodhara & head massage as per your requirements.

Dr Seema can travel internationally for birth and postnatal support.


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