McTimoney Chiropractice

McTimoney Chiropractice

Chiropractic is a profession which takes a largely drug-free and hands-on approach to healthcare. Chiropractors employ a variety of techniques in order to identify and address musculoskeletal disorders which can interfere with the body’s natural healthy function.

Factors such as injury, postural habits, work/life pressures and repetitive activity create stress in the body which can restrict movement and lead to pain.

The McTimoney chiropractic technique is named after its originator, John McTimoney, an engineer who retrained as a chiropractor and who evolved his method from existing chiropractic techniques. It uses a whole body approach which is based on a relatively light adjusting style.

A whole body approach provides an opportunity to deal with contributing factors rather than purely focusing on a symptomatic area. Say, for example, you have a restriction in the joint or the soft tissue at your hip; your body compensates allowing you to go about your daily activities and, as a result, you might actually experience symptoms in your back or your foot. Treating your back or foot might provide some relief but the issue at your hip will need attention in order to try to fully resolve the problem.

The lightness and speed of adjustment using the McTimoney technique make it a gentle treatment to receive for patients of various ages and builds.

It is often effective to combine chiropractic with soft tissue work such as myofascial release and lymphatic drainage massage. A favourable response is frequently found when introducing breathing and visualisation techniques during treatment sessions.

Treatment does not just begin and end in the clinic room. Strategies like postural awareness, remedial exercises, relaxation techniques and lifestyle adaptations to help bring about positive and lasting changes in your wellbeing.

You may wish to come regarding a specific issue, you might choose to attend on a continuing basis for maintenance or wellness care. Either way it is hoped a dynamic partnership is developed in which you are an active participant in your health.

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