Biomechanics - Correcting poor foot function

Biomechanics - Correcting poor foot function

Biomechanics - A highly effective solution to poor posture, painful knees and joints.

Did you know that low back ache or painful knees could be due to poor foot function?
Do you have a recurrent problem that requires ongoing treatment, or a pain that just won't respond to anything at all?
Has a 'specialist' looked at the painful joint but was unable to identify a cause?
Have you been told that your child will grow out of a bad walking style or that it is normal for their age?
Do you feel unstable walking?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you should consider having an assessment. We are highly experienced, biomechanically orientated practitioners. Beverley, for example, has been a member of the medical team at the Commonwealth Games and World Badminton Championships, and podiatrist to the British Junior Athletics Squad.
What is Biomechanical  Evaluation?
With our experience, we can very quickly determine whether you would benefit from the prescription of Orthoses. We will examine your stance or gait, the wear marks on shoes or hard skin patterns on your feet, at the same time taking a full history of your aches and pains, injuries sustained and activities.
What are Orthoses?
Orthoses have been referred to as appliances or foot supports, but although to the layman there is a similarity, there is actually a vast difference. Far from being supportive creating a weaker more dependant foot, prescriptive orthoses realign the feet and legs and by using the correct muscles, retrains and strengthens them.
Orthoses are inserts you place in your footwear that help your foot to work as nature intended. After an introductory period, you are advised to wear the devices for an average of four hours each day. That's all it takes to see a vast improvement.
How are Orthoses Made?

In order to make orthoses, we take plaster of Paris casts of your feet in a specific position. This captures the angular relationships between various parts of each foot. The casts, prescription and various measurements are forwarded to a laboratory where the devices are made.
For many years we have catered for a wide range of sporting professionals and have developed an understanding of the mechanics of each sport. This is extremely important as every sport has differing requirements and therefore specific orthoses need be prescribed.


As a result of wearing orthoses, you can expect

  • a reduction in corn and callous formation
  • an alleviation of symptoms
  • an improvement in style and stability of gait
  • fewer injuries

As well as experiencing fewer injuries our professional athletes find an improvement in their sporting performance and time. Even swimmers and cyclists benefit - why ask us how?


“ Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma – a painful condition of certain toe joints and one which might have necessitated complicated surgery. However, Ashdown investigated and analysed the cause as being inadequate foot support over many years leading also to poor posture. They designed and fitted orthotic shoe inserts. Result – ten years of pain-free walking. Thank you, Ashdown.”

Peter W (Oct 15)

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